Monday, November 30, 2009

Day # 3 Monday 11/30/09

Today has been a struggle for Jennie. This morning her heart rate was very low, and the doctors were concerned that her heart might stop. They were able to get her heart rate up a little, but there are still some serious concerns about the extent of Jennie's injury to her brain.

Jennie is showing some signs of improvement in some areas, and at the same time no improvement or getting worse in other areas. Please continue to lift Jennie and her family up in your prayers as they continue to learn new information about Jennie's condition.

Please remember that Jennie is in the Intensive Care Unit, and is not able to have visitors or receive flowers or gifts at this time. If this changes, I will update everyone. Her Mom and sister are receiving a lot of phone calls, so their response will be delayed. To help them focus on Jennie, I am available to take messages and to pass along information. Please feel free to contact me at (910)409-0862.

This blog has been set up to provide updates on Jennie’s condition and for you to be able to offer up prayers and thoughts. Please use this forum as a means to share your support for the family.

They are very thankful for all the prayers and support from all of their family and friends during this time. Continue to pray as we know that we serve a Mighty God who is able to do all things.


  1. Hi, Please let Jesse & the family know that they are in our prayers and thoughts. Rendell "Pooter" & Kathy Parker

  2. Prayers for Jennie and family coming your way from Kansas. I am Kaylla McCullough's aunt and I know Kaylla is very concerned about Jennie. I figure if she is a friend of Kaylla's she must be a beautiful person. We will keep your family in our prayers.

  3. Jennie and her family are in our prayers daily. We are praying for a complete recovery for her. Joe & Joanne Patterson