Monday, February 15, 2010

Huge Milestone!

I just couldn't wait til my usual weekly update to tell everyone about this! Last night, Jennie said her first sentence. :) Our mom was hanging out with her and talking about their plans for Jennie's last day in the inpatient program. The day before patients are discharged is considered family training day and involves a day-full of following Jennie and her therapists. Jen said the name "Ashley" a couple times, her recreational therapist, and then continues to tell our mom that "Ashley has eyes like you." How awesome that she was able to make that observation, remember it, and then speak it into a sentence! Just a little later, I called and told them I wasn't feeling well. After hanging up, Jennie says, "She's sick," referring to me. She is truly catching on to what's going on around her and is really trying to communicate. She even said "mom" for the first time yesterday...what a nice Valentine's present. :) Her eyesight is also improving as she is showing more accuracy when grabbing objects, using her fork to spear food, and also when walking. By the way, she walks everywhere now and is keeping her eyes looking up. She only uses the wheelchair when she is going to another floor or when she isn't with someone as a safety precaution. Please be in prayer for her and our mom as they move in together tomorrow morning.


  1. This is amazing news! She is going to be back to "Jennie" before you know it! Praise God for answered prayers!

    In Christ,
    Rachel Elliotte

  2. Hi Jennie, I saw your story and have been following you and your progress. You are doing so good. I've been praying for you and know that each day will be better than the day before. Remember that there is a God who loves you. "For I know the Plans I have for you, hope and a future." This is my favorite scripture and one that I claimed many years ago when I was going through difficult times. It can be yours also. Remember, sometimes God puts us flat on our back to make us look up to Him. God is good all the time! Janis Hailey