Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going Shopping!

Today marks two weeks at the Shepherd Center and man has God worked some miracles in Jennie's life in that short time! Yesterday, Jennie was walking along pushing a shopping cart with little assistance from the physical therapist. She went all over the place and did an awesome job! She has continued to share smiles and has a new wheelchair to further help her with mobility. I previously mentioned a test that she has once a week to score her on the "Coma Recovery Scale." The highest possible score is around 24...two weeks ago, Jennie was a 7, 1 week ago she was a 13, and today she is an 18. The speech therapist (the one that performs the test) said that a few of the categories take all patients recovering from a coma quite awhile to accomplish (speech, forming meaningful sentences, etc.) and so a 20-21 is a super score. To already be at an 18 is just wow! Jennie has also started to form her lips as if she is trying to say words and all the therapists have heard her say "yes." Look for more big news as the week goes on. ~Jesse

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  1. This is wonderful news!!! It has brought tears to my friend's eyes, and she has not even met Jennie yet. Just wait until she does!!! :)