Sunday, January 17, 2010

Such a sweet sound

This morning, Jennie laughed out loud! My mom was aggravated with the nurse for removing Jen's brace to put her shirt on (big no-no) and in the midst of expressing her frustration (aka telling him off)...Jennie began to laugh. Kinda hard to be mad when that happens. :) She has continued throughout the day laughing and smiling at silly jokes. This is a first for Jennie since her accident and such an awesome and fun milestone. Hope this brightens your day, sure did mine! ~Jesse


  1. I don't know you guys at all, and I'm not sure even how I stumbled on to your blog, but I have been following since the beginning. Know that I am praying for Jennie and always thinking positive thoughts for her. How wonderful that she is laughing!

  2. Awesome! Praise God. It's the little things to most that are now the BIG things for Jennie! I know Jennie is gonna be improving by leaps and bounds over the next several weeks of rehab. When my little brother was going through this we made several videos to look back on. It amazing to look at now seeing how far he has come. That might be something Patrica could do. I still look back on my brothers videos in amazement on how great our God is! Many prayers still being prayed every day for Jennie and her family!

    In Christ,

  3. It is So exciting that Jennie is improving so quickly! I am VERY glad that God is providing so much for all of you guys and for Jennie! We are still praying and hoping that she recovers quickly and will be back to her old self soon!!!

  4. Laughter is good medicine, healing to the soul! How wonderful to hear the sound from our precious little ones, regardless of age.

  5. That is good to hear! I can visualize, the look on Patty's face when she told the nurse a thing or two. God is truly good, and I will continue to pray for Jennie as well as the entire family.

    Tony Hicks