Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, I'm back home in NC and my mom and Jen are in Atlanta and it just down right stinks. I want to be there for every moment with Jennie and to be by my mom's side through this. The last couple days have included a lot of educational classes for the family members that my mom has taken part in to learn all about the brain and the possibilities that the future holds. It's obviously necessary to get as educated as we can but it forces the reality of the situation back into the forefront of our minds. Jennie did get her neck brace off on Monday. That should be a big relief for her. :) The huge prayer request right now is for Jennie to progress enough to be able to handle the full day rehab program (3hrs/day). Currently, she is in a more acute program and receives 1.5hr. of rehab a day. I want to plead with each of you reading this to please hold Jennie as tight in your heart as you all did the moment you heard about her accident. This moment is not any easier than it was 6 weeks ago...a different moment with different challenges but difficult as ever. This is a very tough road...words just can't even describe it. I know that Jennie is hard at work and that's what I expect of all of us supporting her. The only thing that we can all truly work hard at right now is to pray. Please take a moment throughout your day and do just that. ~Jesse


  1. Jesse~

    I agree with you whole heartedly! I am 7 months out and I feel as though I almost need everyone's support as though it were the first month. I pray for continued improvement everyday for Jennie. Once again, I am so sorry for all your family has been through and will continue to endure.

    I assure you...I will keep you close at all times!!



  2. I think about Jennie all of the time, and I know she is a strong young lady. There are kids at school who don't even know her personally who ask me about her and tell me when they hear anything new. So many people love and care about her and your family. Please know that and please tell Jennie every day that we love her and are holding her near and dear.
    Christa Conklin