Friday, January 15, 2010

Overall - good week!

Jennie had an exhausting yet good week. This was her first full week of therapies and my mom had lots of good reports to pass on to me. Oh how I wish I were there seeing it all in person! During physical therapy, Jennie has continued to work on walking with the assistance of some neat equipment and is doing well with alternating her feet standing as well as sitting in her wheelchair. She has worked a lot on using both of her hands this week. She was able to take 2 cups that were stacked together, unstack them, and then restack. Also, picked up a spoon and put it in and out of the cup. Using her left hand (the broken arm) she has gotten pretty good at stacking rings on a post and is also getting better using her right hand (the muscles in this arm are still very tense). She has also been helping to wipe her face with a washcloth using her right hand. Another cool task she was able to do was to recognize the #2 on a foam board that has the numbers 0-9 cut out. She was asked to point to the #2 and push it into the board, and she was able to indicate the right one! It is clear that Jennie is able to understand at the very least basic conversation. She has been cooperating and participating more this week. Her and my mom ended the evening by watching some tv last mom asked if she would like to watch tv and she turned her head in the direction of the tv even before it was turned on. One of the goals that we are focusing on is to have Jennie be able to communicate yes/no in some way - thumbs up, nodding her head, etc. Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers, and acts of kindness for our family. ~Jesse

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