Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Good Day

Today Jennie had a pretty good day. She has a new wheelchair that has removeable foot rests so that her feet can reach the ground. This makes it so that she can work on scooting around on her own and help with working towards walking. With some assistance, she was getting around and was alternating her left and right feet well on her own. Being able to focus on moving her feet to move around has also calmed Jennie down some while she spends time in the wheelchair. Also, when she is laying down, she is able to push up her bottom when her knees are bent to help with getting her pants on. Her neck also seems to be getting stronger and she is holding her head up better without having to remind her to put her chin up. Our mom worked on holding Jennie in a bear hug and walking backwards with her. Jennie handled this pretty well on two occasions and was looking my mom right in the eyes as they went along. The plan for now is for Jennie to remain at Shepherd for at least a few more weeks. At that point, if the program is appropriate for her needs, the rehab center in Wilmington has already expressed accepting her. The thought of coming back home brightened both our mom's and Jennie's spirits. In general, Jennie seems to be a little less upset throughout the day and is doing better to take in her surroundings. A couple specific prayer requests are for Jennie's cognitive thinking to improve and for overall body control. We are all so proud of Jennie. :)


  1. I am so thankful for the wonderful progress. It is hard work, and I knew that it would be. In fact the hardest is yet to come, but God will help all of you throughout the whole process. We are continuing to lift all of you up in prayer, and we check daily for any updates.

  2. That sounds like a great day to me. I pray for continued success every single day in every single area ;o)