Monday, January 25, 2010

Thumbs Up

Today Jennie ate her first full meal at breakfast! Eating real food is getting easier for her and she is chewing and swallowing well. She was able to identify multiple objects such as: utensils, sock, cups, and cards to the matching picture of the same item. She also identified the written words "yes" and "no" every time...more than 10 times in a row! Another cool thing was that she gave a thumbs up when asked by one of the Shepherd staff. One issue that has been looming is whether Jennie has any sight in her left eye. Since waking from her coma, this eye has had a harder time opening and generally is only half-way open when the right eye is fully open. The therapists had suggested that they would cover her right eye with a patch to "test" the left eye but have waited until she was a little more alert to not cause her to become frantic. Today they covered the right eye and....she can officially see out of the left eye! It is a little lazy but followed all the objects put in front of her without the help of her right eye. Another great start to a new week!


  1. My hubs had the same issue after his TBI...he had a few small facial fractures that caused some nerve damage and the loss of taste and smell...even almost 10 years later, we are still hopeful his sense of taste and smell will return, but the nerves have improved over the years. If he is really tired, his eye will get lazier:) Blessings for all of Jennie's strides and prayers for many more!