Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday night 12/7/09

All went great with Jennie's tracheotomy and feeding tube procedures today. Her mom and sister said that she looked beautiful - no more tubes!!!

See below for a message from Jennie's Mom, Patty:

As soon as tomorrow the doctors may start reducing Jennie's meds. Although she is in a natural coma, she is also heavily medicated to keep her still and calm. They are hoping for some sign of thought process or command response...Please pray for her, this is this next biggest hurdle and she needs all of our prayers to help find the way.
Thank you all so sincerely,
Jennie's Mom

As you all have kept up with the blog and Jennie's progress, you can see that we are definately moving in the right direction! Praise be to God for every little bit of progress Jennie has made so far in her Journey!

We need to continue to remember Jennie's family in our prayers also as they try to juggle spending time at the hospital with Jennie plus trying to still maintain some of their own schedules as well. Patty is having to take some time off from her college courses for now...and Jesse worked for a few hours today for the 1st time since Jennie's accident. As their extended family and friends, please remember this is a very sensitive subject to them, and right now their main concern is to focus on Jennie getting better. I have been present on a few occasions where a person unknowingly revealed painful details of the accident, or asked questions that just were a little to personal for the current time frame. Though we all have good intentions, it can sometimes be upsetting to those who are closest to Jennie. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to be a listening ear for them...and when the time is right, they may want to answer questions or learn more details about everything.

"Listen closely to what I am saying. You can console me by listening to me."
- Job 21:2

Thank you so much to everyone for continuing to pray for Jennie and be so kind and supportive to her family! They can't do it without everyone's love and support...

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