Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day #8 - Saturday 12/5/09

Patty spent most of the day with Jennie today in the Intensive Care Unit. Jennie had a nice bath, and her face is looking a lot better.

Since yesterday, after the doctors moved the location of the probe measuring the pressure in her brain, the readings have been more accurate. Today Jennie's ICP (Intracranial Pressure) has been between 17 and 23. This has been great news and one of the main concerns affecting Jennie's recovery.

Her blood pressure was better today, but her temperature has still been erratic.
Jennie has began taking a new medicine that paralyzes her, in addition to the morphine for pain. She has been very sensitive to noise and touch, which causes her pressure to increase. This new medicine will help her body to remain still so she doesn't get so excited, and keep her stats where they need to be.

We need to rally together again in prayer for Jennie for our next miracle for her - we need some type of communication from her - a "command response" such as raise her arm, wiggle her toes, or for both of her eyes to dialate, grabbing for the tubes, or even a verbal sound. This will help to confirm we are on the right track with her recovery.

The Prayers for Jennie Savickas page on Facebook now has 1,914 members - this is awesome and Jennie's family really appreciates everyone's support. Please continue to spread the word and keep those prayer chains going!!

"I will walk by faith...even when I cannot see...because this broken road prepares Your will for me..."

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