Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day #15 - Saturday, December 12

Jennie is still progressing in her slow recovery. The respiratory staff has lowered the amount that the ventilator is assisting her in breathing. This means that Jennie is breathing a little bit more on her own.

Our 1st Fundraiser is all set for next Saturday, December 19, 2009.
Pancake Breakfast at Andy's Restaurant in Leland (Wal-Mart shopping center)
Time - 7:00 to 9:30 am
Tickets $5 each. You can purchase them in advance or at the door at this Andy's location only. Breakfast will include - 3 pancakes, 3 slices of bacon + a drink.

Call me for any additional details - 910-409-0862.
We hope to see you there! ~LuCinda Smith


  1. Praying for Jennie to have a complete recovery.

  2. Praying hard for you Jennie! Hang in there and know that Kayleigh's prayer warriors are ALL pulling for you. God Bless!

  3. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family!!

  4. sounds like great news and that is FAB! Sorry I can't make it to the fundraiser, though I'd like to.
    my thoughts and prayers are there with Jennie.

  5. Praying for Jennie! ~I pray God is giving you strength and peace during this time~

  6. Hi there. Jennie is in my prayers. I would like to share with you a little bit of my brothers story. In March 2008 her was in a car accident. His convertible fliped over causing him to be tossed out of his car 40 feet across the street, landing him in a ditch. Luckly he only had a few surface scratches, and only a broken jaw. All his real damage was in his brain. He had suffered a severe TBI. He was air lifted to CMC here in Charlotte, NC. He was in a natural coma for about 2-3 weeks. After that point he began to move his eyes while they were slightly open. They were movements that had no meaning, but they were movements. We knew that it was progress. He also suffered high ICP's and was on a vent for nearly 3 weeks. Eventually he had a trach put in and soon off the vent all together. He had a brain bleed and brain swelling. The type of injury he had was sheering of the brain. The sheering was on every angle of his brain. We were devastated to hear that news as we were told that was the worst type of injury to have. We had faith though and kept lifting him up in prayer. Eventually he was moved to rehab. They told us that as soon as he got there that he would improve daily. They were right about that. It was a hard process to watch though. I wasn't working so I was with him daily trying to help as much as I could. He would thrahs about while he was coming out of his coma. This is scary to watch. When this begins to happen, know it's part of the normal process. I watched my brother have accidents on himself and be so helpless. Soon he was standing on the 2nd day of rehab. The 3rd day he was pulling his feet in a wheelchair to move some. Then before we knew it he was walking. Everything he did was major progress. They told us he would probably die, but yet here he was walking again. On the glasgow coma scale for the 1st 2-2.5 weeks my brother was a 3. As time went on he was slowly coming out of the coma. After 2 very long and trying months he was finally able to come home. I lived with him for 3 months. I too him to physical thearpy, OT, and speach thearpy. I also helped him at home with his skills. His memory was the pits but getting better and better by the day. The doctors said that by his one year mark his brain would be healed as much as it would. By one year he was walking without assistance, his balance problems were almost gone, and he was almost back to normal. Today it's been 21 months sincce his accident. and 19 months since he's been home. He is now driving and working again. He still has memory problems from time to time and his personality has changed but he's alive and well. He had lost his sense of smell up until about a month ago. So his brain is still healing to this day.
    My heart goes out to Jennie and her family. I know this scene all to well. Jennie is in my thoughts and prayers, I will pass this info to as many people as possible to have everyone I know liftig her and her family up in prayers.
    Much love
    In Christ,
    Rachel Elliotte

  7. Also wanted to add, her mother or father should go get her on medicaid ASAP! My brother was able to get on b/c he was disabled and also unable to work. Medicaid paid for his ENTIRE hospital stay and all his appt. after he was discharged. That's what it's there for...use it. Also get her on disability after you get her on medicaid. It will help a lot. My brother still collects disability and will for the next 3 months. The bills will pile up fast and medicaid will thake the stress of that away!

  8. Sending many prayers your way and may God continue to wrap his healing arms around Jennie. And may our Guardian Angels surround her with their healing wings.

    Leaning on FAITH and Prayer,