Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day #33 - Tuesday 12/30/09

BIG prayer request this evening for Jennie!!!

The Rehab doctor is coming to visit her for a 2nd time tomorrow. Jennie has already been rejected for rehab one previous time.

We are hoping that the improvements she has shown in the past week will give her a different outcome this time. The improvements Jennie has shown include - tracking with her eyes, opening her mouth, and blinking on command.

Rehab will be a much needed opportunity to help Jennie continue improving rather than going to a nursing type facility.

Please pray specifically for this for Jennie tonight and for the doctor who will visit her tomorrow to make this very important decision!!!


  1. skilled nursing facilities can also provide the much needed therapy if she is not able to meet the requirements for rehab

  2. We are praying for her daily. My 3 year old is in brain rehab right now, recovering from a stroke. They work wonders!


  3. This was such a big obstacle for my mom, and it was difficult for our family to hear she might not qualify for rehab. Mom was accepted for rehab, but she was only given 2 weeks at first. However, she turned a corner in rehab and was allowed to stay much longer than expected. I hope Jennie makes great strides in the next few days and is accepted to rehab. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you make plans for the next phase of recovery. God bless.

  4. To the Savickas Family~

    I feel your pain with all of my heart and soul. As I read through your blog, I flashed back to June 17th of this year. My then 2 year old baby girl was involved in an accident and has a severe brain injury. Through reading your blog, I have relived my own forever changing event.

    I am so sorry you are having to go through one second of this horrific ordeal. I am so sorry for all that Jennie has been through and will have to continue to endure. I am so sorry for the journey you will be forced to continue to move forward on. I am so sorry!!!!

    Please know I am here any time of day if ever you need someone to talk to. I am so fresh into this crazy world myself, but after almost three months in the hospital, some rehab and an 11 day visit to a brain injury institute in Philadelphia, maybe I can help in some way.

    I hold all of you so close in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to follow along!

    With love,


    If it is ok with you I would love to put your story on my blog to raise more awareness. If it's ok, please send me a message through my blog (which ironically is the same as yours and was created for the very same purpose.)