Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day #29 - Saturday 12/26/09

From Jennie's sister, Jesse Smith:

"Merry Christmas to everyone who has been praying for Jennie and our family. She has been completely off the ventilator for awhile now and is working on closing the hole for the trach. Each day is still bringing something new, baby steps. We are still in need of prayer for Jennie to follow commands and be able to participate in rehab. Hope everyone has a wonderful new year and know that your messages have been very encouraging to us all. ~Jen's sister, Jesse"

Jennie has continued doing great breathing on her own without the ventilator! She has had some oxygen with a mask over her trach hole...but she has began to maintain a good level of oxygen saturation without the oxygen also. The doctors have started the process of closing up her trach hole, and it may be able to be completely closed as early as next week.

Jennie is breathing in through the trach, but breathing out through her nose and mouth. Since she is breathing out through her nose and mouth, her family has began to hear her make some sounds such as a cough. We are still praying for Jennie to have responses on command.

Jennie has to remain in her neck brace for 6 weeks, so she has a few more weeks to go wearing it. The foot support boots are very heavy for her to move her feet and legs, so her Mom was able to get her some high top sneakers to wear and be more comfortable. They have also been able to let Jennie wear some of her own nightgowns instead of the hospital gowns.

Jennie's temperature has stayed normal, as well as her white blood count. She is not at a point yet where she can go to rehab. Please pray for her family as they explore options for Jennie's next step after she is able to leave the hospital. They will continue to need all of our support as they look at different facilities here in the Wilmington area where Jennie can countinue her recovery.

We have received several cards for Jennie, so please continue to send those in - her room is filled with messages of love from many people!

Crossroads Baptist Church
c/o Jennie Savickas
340 Covil Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28402


  1. great job Jennie! So glad your off the vent. Keep up the good work
    love from Iowa

  2. Praying for you right now! Be strong girl and keep fighting.