Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CAT Scan scheduled for 12/2/09

Please pray tonight for God's healing hands to touch Jennie and heal her. She will have a CAT scan tomorrow to look at the details of the swelling of her brain. We know that God is awesome, and He can give us a miracle!!!

Jennie, a lot of people are sharing their love and prayers for you girl!!! You are very special to many people. Your family and friends have been at the hospital around the clock. They even have their own special waiting room as they take turns being there with you!

Thank you for those who have brought food, books, and other comforting items to the family at the hospital...this has really helped make it easier to remain there for extended time periods.

Please join the support group for Jennie on Facebook "Prayers for Jennie Savickas" There are currently 1,535 members of this online support group! WOW - what a great network of people who are praying for Jennie - even people who do not know her personally, but are kind enough to lift her up in prayer.

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