Friday, December 11, 2009

Day #14 Friday 12/11/09

Jennie had another Cat Scan this morning and the family was told by Shawn, on the Neurosurgeon team, that Jennie is on the right track in her recovery.

Almost all of the blood in her brain from her injuries is gone. This is an excellent course for her - the brain is continuing to heal itself.

It's just a matter of time now, and her healing is in God's hands. The swelling in her brain has decreased. The doctors have discussed removing the probe in her brain (which measures her ICP-Intracranial Pressure) but they do not want to rush anything. It's nice to be able to monitor her ICP at all times.
With keeping the probe, this means Jennie will remain in the ICU. The family has grown very close to the doctors in the ICU, so the fact that Jennie will remain there a little while longer is OK and comfortable at this point.

Keep an eye out for an invitation to our 1st Fundraising event, coming up in the next few weeks. Details will be posted in the next day or so!

Thanks again for everyone's continued prayers & support!!!

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  1. This is all wonderful news. Jennie and her family remain in my thoughts daily. She is SUCH an awesome person. I was her English teacher, and she assisted with my wedding in 2005. I run into her often and always love the conversations I have with her. God is looking out for her and will continue to do so; she is loved by so many. Please let me know of any type of assistance that is needed with fundraising. I will continue to pray for all of you.
    Christa Conklin