Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day # 11 - Tuesday 12/8/09

I spoke with Patty at 12:30 today.  She and Jesse had a very good meeting with Dr. Melin, Jennie's Neurosurgeon. 
He is very optimistic about Jennie's recovery. He shared with them that about 95% of people with injuries similar to
Jennie do not make it more than a few days.
Well, today is day #11 for Jennie!!!
Some updates:
Her ICP (Intracranial Pressure) in her brain has remained stable, as well as her other bodily functions.
Jennie has on several occasions breathed on her own.
Dr. Melin is not changing her rating as of yet, she is still rated at a 4. Patty explained to me that the rating scale measures her brain activity.
A normal person would be rated at a 15, and a person who is considered legally brain dead would be rated at a 3.
Dr. Melin advised that due to the paralytic medicine Jennie is currently on, she will not be capable of showing any other signs.
So, starting today, they are reducing the amount of paralytic medication she will be getting.  They will monitor her ICP numbers to make sure
that Jennie's pressure does not increase as they reduce this medication.  There is not a perfect science to keeping this balance since every
patient is different, so it will be done as a slow process. 
Jennie's left eye is still not reacting to light, but the pupil is smaller.  This indicates that the pressure in the area behind her eye is reducing.
Her left lung is looking better. She does have a small infection of some sort, so they are treating that with antibiotics.
Let's pray specifically for the items above as Jennie continues her Journey.  I have received a few cards in the mail for her - please continue
to send them to: Crossroads Baptist Church Attn: Jennie Savickas 340 Covil Avenue Wilmington, NC 28402
Below is an awesome email I received at work today:

Hope Is Always
Sometimes it seems that all the news is bad. Sometimes it seems that the world around you is tumbling hopelessly downhill
and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. Yet that is never the case. For the more difficult life becomes, the more motivated
everyone becomes to make real, substantial, positive changes. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Because when situations
become difficult, people become determined. And when enough people become determined enough, good and positive and
valuable things begin to happen. Hope, which may have previously been nearly impossible to see, begins to spring into action.
When the darkness becomes unbearable, someone will step forward and shine a light. And that light will inspire others, and others,
and others. Hope is always there. The more it is needed, the more powerful and effective it grows. -- Ralph Marston

Life is not about the time you have but about the effort you put into the time you are given.  When you dream, dream as though you are
living it every day and do not settle for anything below it!

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