Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day #13 - Thursday 12/10/09

Early this morning, the doctors completely stopped the paralytic medication that Jennie was receiving. So, our prayers now begin for our next miracle - for Jennie to wake up from this coma. They are now allowing her extended family to visit Jennie to provide some stimulation to her - such as reading to her, playing music, or holding her hand.

We still have a long road ahead for Jennie, but in the beginning the doctors had only given her a 5% chance of living. She has continued to defy all the odds! We have faith that God will continue to show us miracles each day with Jennie! At the current time, her left arm, which is broken remains in a split. The orthopedic surgeon is not planning to do surgery on her arm, but will possibly be putting it in a brace to continue to heal.

Jennie's older sister, Jesse Smith, has opened a bank account so that we can look towards setting up some Fundraisers in the near future. All proceeds will go towards offsetting some of Jennie's medical costs, which as you can imagine will be quite a bit. The account is at RBC Bank. Anyone may contribute to this account. Please make checks payable to "Jennie's Journey Fund" and in the memo section of the check write "c/o Jesse Smith"

You can mail this to the same address as we have been receiving cards for Jennie:
Crossroads Baptist Church
Attn: Jennie Savickas
340 Covil Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28402

or you may send directly to the bank address of:
RBC Bank
Attn: John Query/Relationship Banker
2015 S. 17th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

If you mail it to the church, we will be able to know who the donation came from. Or by sending it to the bank, this would allow someone to make an anonymous donation.

If you are interested in helping me with doing some Fundraising for Jennie, please email me at I hope to get some planning done over theweekend. If you are gifted in the craft area, one thing I have in mind is an Handmade Craft fair, with items like you see on or at local craft fairs. Other possible plans include bracelets w/ Jennie's name or a message (like the "Live Strong" bracelets) and some t-shirts and car stickers with our own logo creation.

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