Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cat Scan Results 12/2/09

WOW!!! What an awesome God we serve!!! He has heard our many prayers...

The results of Jennie's cat scan show that her swelling has gone down.

She does still have pockets of blood in her brain that we are unsure if are continuing to bleed or are just left from the initial impact.

The doctor sounded lighter than he has about the situation and made sure to tell us that we are still in this fight and have no reason to give up at this point.

Jennie's family will meet with the neurologist soon to look at the specific areas of her brain that will be affected from her injuries, and what to expect during her recovery.

Some of the next steps in Jennie's Journey include:

~Tracheotomy - to allow Jennie to breathe through a direct airway instead of the tube in her throat with the ventilator. The tube in her throat for more than 7-10 days could cause damage to her vocal cords.

~She has developed a little bit of pneumonia in one of her lungs. The doctor says this is normal since she has been on the ventilator. But we definately want to pray for this to go away to help continue her recovery process.

Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers and keep on praying!!!!


  1. Lucinda:

    We found out about this accident through a mutual friend of Jennie and our daughters. We pray for her continued progress. We are impressed with the faith of many of her friends and family. We know that Jesus Messiah can heal and will honor the prayers of all.

    In His Love,

    The Maslack family
    Greensboro, NC

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed about Jennie's progress. It is really helpful to know specifically how to pray. My 2 older daughters were in band with Jessie, and she knows my youngest, Kelly, from RBA. Please give her our love, and let her know we are praying, along with many others she doesn't know. God will sustain them and give them the strength to endure this trial, and He will be glorified through it.
    Jackie Heyer